Photobook boom / The Greek case

Group Exhibition

Curation: Alexandra Saliba, Yorgos Yatromanolakis



The global boom in photobooks is a growing reality in Greece as well, with its own facets and multiplicities.

 The independent Greek self-publishing scene, which seems to be the most active in terms of diversity and number of produced photobooks, is of particular interest. More and more artists are systematically exploring handmade and experimental artistic practic-es, to create photobooks while they seem to be tracing in parallel an alternative way to display their photographic work in which inti-macy, storytelling and materiality are central.

 The sequencing of the images, the nature and the choice of the materials, the design, the methods of bookbinding and the printing techniques that the artists employ are key elements of their artistic process. Because of this organic relationship between the content and the materials, photobooks are autonomous and idiosyncratic objects and their reading is an immersive experience.

The multitude and the range of these editions as well as the personal-political element that they exude, is related on the one side with the quest of many artists for more inclusive and pluralized spaces, in which the audience can encounter their work and on the other side with an urgency of reflecting upon the current socio-political life.

The exhibition Photobook Boom | Τhe Greek Case presents an indicative collection of photobooks and dummies of the last three years, in an attempt to equally represent the wide spectrum of the domestic self-publishing photobook community, which is now leaving its own considerable mark on the contemporary history of the photographic medium.


Mary Chairetaki, Panos Charalampidis, Anargyros Drolapas, Yiannis Hadjiaslanis, Haris Kakarouhas, Yorgos Karailias, Charalampos Kydonakis, Alexandra Masmanidi, Dimitris Mytas, Stefania Orfanidou, Athanasia Papadopoulou, Stylianos Papardelas, Antonia Petriti, Artemis Pyrpilis, Georges Salameh, Alexei Siozov, Dimitris Tairis, Sophia Tolika, Annie Tsevdomaria, Ania Vouloudi, Eva Voutsaki, Spyros Zervoudakis

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