Event prompted by the exhibition ”Dimitris Letsios | A portrait of Volos”

Folklife & Ethnological Museum of Macedonia Thrace​​ in collaboration with Thessaloniki Museum of Photography presents an event prompted by the exhibition ''Dimitris Letsios | A portrait of Volos''.  Vilma Hastaoglou - Martinidis, Professor emeritus, Aristotle  University of Thessaloniki, will give a speech about ''Volos: how the city profile was shaped''. Furthermore, the band ''Anatolika Zitimata'', which is based in Volos, will perform urban and traditional songs, as well as contemporary compositions of virtuosos of Mediterranean Sea.


Day: Friday 16 November 2018
VenueFolklife & Ethnological Museum of Macedonia Thrace
Hours: 19:30

Co-organisation: Folklife & Ethnological Museum of Macedonia Thrace​​, Thessaloniki Museum of Photography

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